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Use the Sold For app to quickly and easily find out what someone might pay for your item or to see if you are getting a good deal when buying products.

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About Sold For

Learn a little bit more about Sold For

Sold Items

Searching for items sold from eBay is what Sold For is all about. There is no better way to find out what your item is worth than what people are willing to pay for it.

Search Quickly

Sold For really does make it easy to find out what an item has SOLD FOR. When looking to buy or sell and item, you really want to know how much its worth.

Buy Active Listings

Search for active eBay listings. This gives you the ability to search for items that sold, especially those with Best Offer Enabled, and then seeing any current listings.

  • Accounts

    Have your own Sold For account for saving searches and items

  • Quick Search

    Previous searches made quickly

  • Grid View Items

    Similar items displayed in a grid for easy searching

  • Saving Searches

    Save a search or item to go back later

  • Narrow Down Search

    Change highest or lowest price as well as item categories

  • Quick Images

    View item images without wasting time

  • Item Sale Price

    Selling prices brought to your from eBay quickly

  • Sharing Made Simple

    Share items with anyone at any time


Let's take a closer look at the application.

A simple user interface make searching easy.

Simply type in what you are looking for and let Sold For do the rest. No matter where you are, the application makes looking up items super easy. Your user account is right there for you and this is where you can view your searches and items.


View the ACTUAL best offer accepted.

Sold For is one of the only applications that will allow you to see what the actual sold price of a listing is. You can see what the original buy it now price was and then see what was accepted.


Let's take a look at exactly what Sold For is all about

iOS Coming Soon